Thursday, August 27, 2009

It wouldn't hurt to go back to Pre-school

We moved the potty from the living room to the bathroom to get Baby used to the idea of using the bathroom; and because, frankly, we weren't thrilled of the graphic visual images and fragrant scents we were living with for a few months. Also, it was mildly (horribly) shocking to our guests, too.
Well, Baby said she needed to go. And because I was a little occupied, I directed her to the bathroom and sent her on her way to do what she had to do independently- she's good at pulling down pants and wiping after herself. My intentions were to follow behind in another minute to help with checking the bottom, hand washing and disposing of the dirty deed/job well done/outcome, etc. Well, ya know how it goes, guess I wasn't speedy enough because out she came, standing at the end of the hall yelling to me, "I dump the poopy". Uh, oh! Quickly I called, "No, mommy will dump the poopy!" as I ran towards her. "No, I dump the poopy!" she retorted. "No, I dump the poopy!", blasted desperately from my suddenly-two-year-old mouth as I reached her. She turned and ran toward the bathroom and we raced each other there. We were neck and neck as we got to the little pink throne. "See, I dump the poopy", she said. I looked in shock from her potty to the toilet, then burst out laughing. She had dumped the potty herself! And only a few drops had fallen on the seat. Whew. I started breathing again. It's amazing that sometimes your great efforts to raise and teach your children to be responsible, independent and accountable really do come to fruition in small doses. Even when the child is two and their greatest responsibilities are to not fall when they run, to get to the potty on time, and to not pull the cat's tail.
Now, if only I could get myself to follow her lead; I might get done what I'm supposed to get done today.
Wish me luck, I need it.