Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It is officially TO-PUT-OFF-UNTIL-TOMORROW TUESDAY. It is at my house, anyway. Here is a list of some of the things I've been forced to put off until tomorrow:

1. the last load of laundry
2. dinner dishes
3. putting my enormous amount of photos in frames
4. hanging that big mirror that weighs a ton and has been leaning against the wall since we moved in (I promised myself it would get hung today)
5. painting items to sell (ditto-see above)
6. writing work for The Treasure Hunters
7. van registration- already too late in the day to call the DMV office to resolve address change issue

I've been so sick today, allergies, sinus pain and pressure, nose like a faucet (sorry TMI). The baby was unusually needy today (even for her). I had to wash the couch cover AGAIN, because I was too busy writing things up for our website to notice that she was sitting on it way too long watching (being hypnotised by) T.V. and not being reminded that "YES, you DO need to make a trip to the potty, missy". Two truck loads of wood needed to be unloaded and stacked for splitting after Hubby got out of work and I found out right before 4 o'clock that I had to bring pizza over to the school so the girls would have dinner at their practice; someone forgot to mention that yesterday or this morning....geez. I'm writing this quickly before I go back over to the school for the kid's parent band conference and performance. And...I've got to leave in a few. Well, that's why I decided that today is :TO-PUT-OFF-UNTIL-TOMORROW TUESDAY.

Meet me tomorrow...we'll be celebrating WHY-NOT-WAIT -UNTIL-IT'S-NOT-SO-WARM-OR-WHENEVER WEDNESDAY